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All-inclusive entertainment, health and information play a role in making life more convenient and enjoyable for every family member.

    • Mobile Betting Service

      The Hong Kong Jockey Club's Mobile Betting Service (Android App) allows customers to place horse racing and football bets or buy Mark Six entries at home. The Android betting app provides comprehensive betting information including race cards, football match schedules, results and dividends, as well as an automatic odds refresh function. This betting app enables customers to perform instant funds transfers between betting accounts and nominated bank accounts at their convenience, and it allows customers to enjoy an all-round betting service.

      * Those who bet must be aged 18 or above. Don't gamble your life away.
    • Racing Touch

      Racing Touch is an interactive and user-friendly horse racing app that fits for the stylish people like you! The graphically-rich interface together with quality 3D horses and real-time racing information offer an innovative betting experience, making the study of horse racing form easier than ever before.

      Some of the exciting things you can do with Racing Touch:

      • Study race card in different views (Parade Ring View with 3D horses, Card View and List View)
      • Get real-time odds and racing information; refer to commentary from racing professionals
      • Watch live racing video and last run video
      • Pick your favorite horse with ‘Horse Selector’
      • Place bet with intuitive user interface; check results and dividend, etc
      * Please turn on location service to ensure you are located in Hong Kong. To enjoy the live streaming of live horse racing, you have to login with your HKJC Online Betting Service Account. Those who bet must be aged 18 or above. Don't gamble your life away. Applicable to selected eye3 devices only.
    • HKJC TV

      The mobile TV channel from The Hong Kong Jockey Club. Racing, Football & Mark Six Channels live broadcasting, replays and infotainment at your fingertips.

      • Racing Channel: an infotainment racing channel featuring live races and analysis to give you a better grasp of racing (“Horse Racing Live” streaming service is available for Priority Card holders only). "2nd Screen of Live Racing" is now available. Stay tuned with the instant analysis of races.
      • Football Channel: both live streaming and Mobile Live Centre allow you to stay tuned with live matches. Latest news is updated in daily basis.
      • Mark Six Channel: live broadcast of Mark Six draws, provides next draw info and results.
      * You have to login with your HKJC Online Betting Service Account in order to use this App. Those who bet must be aged 18 or above. Don't gamble your life away. Applicable to selected eye3 devices only.
    • Now668 (HD)
      • Enjoy live horse-racing coverage on your eye3 device – anytime, anywhere.*
      • Tracework video archive and bygone races available.
      • One-stop information hub provides race cards, results, dividends and horse data.
      • Support betting function
      * Only applicable to customers who have successfully subscribed to Now668(HD) through eye3 service. Customers can only enjoy Now668(HD) paid contents by logging into Now668(HD) via eye3 device. Customers are required to connect Wi-Fi connection with eye3 device to enjoy this service.
      * Additional charges apply
    • eye fit

      eye fit, a brand-new content exclusively produced for eye users, provides reliable, all-rounded and well-organized fitness/yoga tutorial videos which are instructed by qualified professional trainers. With eye fit, you can now work out at home anytime.

    • e123

      e123 is a one-stop information app specialized for elders and their families. The topics include various elder benefits, news, community services, financial assistance, employment and voluntary service opportunities, etc., allowing users to browse and share information about different activities , make friends with like-minded.

    • Schooland

      Schooland is an one stop information platform about schooling and education in Hong Kong.

    • Handheld Culture eBook store

      Handheld Culture eBook store offers huge collection of quality eBooks, eMagazines, eComics from multiple publishers including Ming Ho Publications, Red Publish, Breakthrough Publishing, IESG, Sing Tao books, Hong Kong China Tourism Press, Ming Pao, etc.

      Handheld Culture eBook store is also the official authorized channel to distribute Jin Yong martial art novel collection, download and explore the classics which have been loved and championed by readers for decades!

    • Google Translate

      Support to translate over a hundred of languages.

    • Google Earth

      Google Earth for Android enables you to explore the globe with a swipe of your finger.

      * Only applicable to designated eye3 device.
    • Google Street View

      Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants, and small businesses with Google Street View.

      * Only applicable to designated eye3 device
    • Get Set Parents

      “Get Set Parents” is an interaction platform founded by a group of parents of kindergartens and primary school children. Users are allowed to receive the latest information covering educational news, parenting tips, family activities, activities and recommended articles anytime, anywhere!

    • 野Guide [No English description available]
    • Baby Magazines

      Provide useful information and professional advice from stages of prenatal, postnatal and children aged up to 3 years.

      * Content available in Chinese only.
    • Mr. Pillster pill box & pill reminder tracker

      Main functions of the app:

      Medication adherence:

      • medications taken, reminders “snoozed” or postponed for later and missed medications.
      • If you miss a dose of your medication, the app will show up in the list as missed. You can also hit “snooze” if you can’t take your medication right away and it will remind you later;
      • prescription scheduling. Schedule the exact number of times each day that you need to take your medication and the app will remind you. There is also a setting in days so that the app can remind you on a specific date;

      Medical measurements

      • You can record and track various types of medical measurements in the app: temperature, blood pressure, pulse, sugar level, weight, mood level, consumed and burned calories, body fat, pain, steps and etc.
      • Log medical measurements and compare them with taken medications.
      • single measurement – track single measurements as you need
      • scheduled measurements – set a reminder for track everyday medical measurements of your body

      Take care of yourself and Stay Tuned!

    • newlife 330

      no English version available

    • Medicine Online

      Offers news and professional advice from medical practitioners, the program is supported by institutions such as the Hospital Authority, Department of Health, School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University and the Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong. The program also discusses topics relating to medical science and analyzes public health issues.

      * Content available in Chinese only
    • Star Medical

      There is a star medical team every week in “Star Medical”. Doctors and celebrities are invited to discuss a variety of diseases in our society and provide the latest medical information.

      * Content available in Chinese only
    • eDR

      Contains the latest doctor information in HK including Outpatient medical doctors, Specialist doctors, Dentist or Physiotherapist. You can easily check out the information of doctor qualifications, consultation hours, clinic address and telephone number when ever you need.

      * Information provided by Focus Health Consultants Company Limited.
      Content available in Chinese only
    • PCM

      Providing the updated digital product news so that you can keep track with market trend and the hottest and trendy gadgets in different varieties.

      * Content available in Chinese only
    • East Week

      A renowned weekly title that focuses on current affairs and entertainment news in the region. The magazine provides its readers with timely and high quality content that covers a wide range of topics.

      * Content available in Chinese only.
    • Timable

      Timable helps you discover events real-time, on the go.
      We cover all happenings in Hong Kong, from popular to indie ones, like music, arts, exhibitions, festivals, family events, promotional offers, etc.

      Key features:

      • Time search, event of the day
      • Events by categories, locations and keywords
      • Specials: hot keywords, new events, popular events, editor's picks
      • Ticketing
      • User ratings, social sharing
      • Add to personal calendar
    • RTHK Mine

      [No English description available]


      RTHK SCREEN is a TV programme mobile app developed by New Media Unit of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). Programmes broadcast on RTHK TV 31 and 32 can now be found on the mobile app. Simply with a mobile device, you can enjoy brand-new watching experience on a new media.
      RTHK SCREEN provides live webcast of RTHK TV 31 and 32, video-on-demand (VoD), download and programme subscription.

    • RTHK Memory

      RTHK MEMORY, developed by New Media Unit (RTHK), is your mobile library of RTHK classics productions, and a multimedia record of Hong Kong history. User can use this application to view audio, videos and photos in ease. User can also upload photos and videos, to share the remarkable memory that connected with RTHK.

    • Wine

      Provide fundamental wine knowledge, commentary & tips on matching wine with food. French wine jargon pronunciations are also available.

      * Content available in Chinese only
    • 28Hse

      28Hse App is the tool to find or publish Hong Kong property listings in

      Market news, mortgage calculator and New Homes information are available.

      * applicable to designated eye3 device.
    • GoGo Van

      Through GoGoVan, user can call for a van by simply inputting the information of starting point and destination.

      * Service is provided by Go Go Tech Limited.
    • Mobile BusInfo (no LBS)

      Information on each KMB, NWFB and CTB route. BusInfo also includes a point-to-point route search.

    • Mini Bus

      Provide information of each route of minibus, including timetable, point to point route search and fare.

      * Content available in Chinese only.
    • HK Flight Info

      It provides real time airlines schedule of Hong Kong International Airport, information of the airline companies and search engine function for.

      * Service is provided by EK Studio.
    • Unit Converter

      Convert units of weight, length, area, volume, temperature, power, speed, pressure and computer memory capacity.

      * Content available in Chinese only. Only applicable to designated eye3 device.
    • LunarCal

      A Chinese calendar and Almanac.

      * Content available in Chinese only.
    • Mosquito Killer

      3 modes of insect-repellent frequency that deter mosquito, fly and household lizard etc.

    • HealthCap

      HealthCap is the first mobile application in Hong Kong that captures health data with screen capturing. It is developed by a local healthcare technology company DeepHealth. HealthCap strives to render an accessible and handy mobile platform to encourage routine blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring as for chronic diseases prevention.

    • Happy Retired

      Retiring doesn’t mean being old or having a boring life, but a restart of life and turning point of pursuing dreams. By tuning such turning point in well manner, it is always possible for the retired to meet new friends, develop interests together, participate in voluntary work during leisure time, and enjoy the coming few decades of their life.

      The vision of Happy Retired is to PAVE the second half of life for the new middle aged and help them to swiftly pass through their retirement, the word PAVE also stands for the following:

      P - Pursuit Interests
      A - Acquire Knowledge
      V - Value Expertise
      E - Enjoy Benefits

Certain content is only available on dedicated eye3 device and eye3 service plan. Please refer to the related Service Plan for details.