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Interactive and fun-based games for all the family.

    • Mahjong

      A typical Cantonese mahjong game, perfect for killing time.

      * Content available in Chinese only
    • Mahjong World 2

      Mahjong World 2 is suitable for all kinds of players, such as those who want to learn Mahjong, or play Mahjong casually and even Mahjong Masters.

    • Games

      [No English description available]

    • Brainastic

      Brainastic is a brand new brain training application which integrates University research and entertainment. It aims to provide customized training for human’s 6 cognitive areas including attention, execution, flexibility, visual space, language and memory. By regular game training and the provision of data about cognitive abilities after the game, users can train their brain functions and ultimately fight against cognitive disorder. To research and develop Brainastic, its company- Mindvivid has collaborated with University research team and some NGOs.

      The sooner the better, let’s enter the world of Brainastic, to test how clever your brain is through entertainment!

    • Pat Pat Battle

      "PAT PAT BATTLE" is a collection of SIMPLE & ADDICTIVE games.
      It is one of the hardest game ever made in the world! It tests your limit and endurance!
      Challenge the world record and your friends!

    • Battle Find the Difference 2

      "Battle Find the Difference 2" is the classic game for you. You can co-operate with your friends together or challenge people ! How fast can you spot 5 differences between 2 photos? Compete with your friends now!

      * Content available in Chinese only. Only applicable to designated eye3 device.
    • Hello Kitty Beauty Salon

      Hello Kitty has just opened her new beauty salon! Hire and command most of Sanrio's popular cast of characters like My Melody,Badtz-Maru, Kerokerokeroppi and the others! Work hard and make sure to give the beauty treatment that the citizens of Sanrio Land deserve!

    • Garfields Diner

      Join Garfield and his friends as they do their very best to run Irma's diner and serve savory signature meals to the customers!

    • SuperLudo

      SuperLudo, a classical card board game has come to Android platform. Lets get started with your friends and family and see whose flights landed on the destination first.

    • Chinese Chess

      A classic Chinese chess game to capture your opponent's general-in-chief.

    • Gomoku

      Gomoku is a game for two people playing in opposition. Players take turns placing pieces on the board. The object of the game is to be the first player to achieve five pieces in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Whilst essentially a very simple game, the game is both fascinating and profound. As you improve your playing ability you will be surprised at the richness and strategies required in both defence and attack.

    • Zingles - Free

      Enter numbers into the blank spaces so that each row, column and playboard contains different numbers.

    • Four In A Line

      Similar to Tic Tac Toe, you can win by striking 4 consecutive chesses in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row.

Certain content is only available on dedicated eye3 device and eye3 service plan. Please refer to the related Service Plan for details.