eye3 Smart Communications Service is just great on an Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8” with Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5” LTE*Δ. With a fixed monthly fee within the commitment period, customers may enjoy comprehensive services, including audio and video calling functionality^, as well as access to more than 100 infotainment and educational apps – all for a monthly fee. Simply connect to the Internet, then browse and download Android apps# from Google Play™#. It all amounts to a wonderful opportunity to broaden your horizons!

  • A learning companion for your children

    Accompany you and your children to learn languages, mathematics and general studies at home, so as to faster multiple intellectual development and happy learning.

  • Family-based infotainment platform

    All-inclusive entertainment, health and information play a role in making life more convenient and enjoyable for every family member.

  • Selection of thousand recipes

    International cuisines, healthy recipes for children and cooking tips from renowned chef pave the way to an assortment of delicacies for your loved ones.

  • All-round news and entertainment

    Keep up to speed on world affairs by accessing news, finance and entertainment.

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  • *
    You must successfully install and use the eye3 Smart Communications Service Plan ("eye3 Service") continuously for at least 24 months in order to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8” with S Pen LTE or Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5” LTE as a loyalty gift. You can terminate the contract by giving us a 30 days’ prior written notice, but if you terminate before the expiry of the Commitment Period, you will be liable to pay the early termination charge or other charges (if applicable), please visit for details. In addition, this service plan is only available to selected areas and residential buildings.
  • ^
    Calling function can be used within the eye3 Service installation address whlist Wi-Fi connection with the designated broadband router can be established. Video call is applicable to designated network and mobile phone / device which support video call.
  • #
    Android apps and Google Play™ service are provided by third parties.
  • Δ
    The Wi-Fi service provided by eye3 Service can only be used by eye3 device in the installation address. The use of Wi-Fi service outside the installation address is not included.